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Undelete iPad Apps

Could I undelete the Apps that on my iPad?

I’m using iPad 2 but unfortunate I deleted some apps on my new iPad but now I want them back. Is there a way to restore and undelete iPad apps?

iPad Apps Recovery

We often download, try and delete apps on our iPad to free up space since we think that we won’t use them anymore. But we may regret and want one of them someday. Is there any way to recover the deleted iPad apps?

The fact is that whether the apps are bought from iOS device or desktop, iTunes keeps a copy on your hard drive to be able to transfer it in the future if you change your mind. So if the app you deleted from your iPad was a paid one, then don’t worry that you should have to pay it again to use it again. Just find the app in the iTunes App store on the iPad and download it again.

But What happens if the apps get pulled out from the App Store? With some graphic-intense games approaching to the 1Gb mark, the whole storage system in iTunes becomes a joke. Then how can we keep those apps we have purchased?

How to recover deleted Apps on iPad?

Since iCloud can be used as a very convenient backup storage space, you can have your own stuff including wallpapers, camera roll, contacts, videos, and other files keeping safe in case you need to restore an install a clean copy of iOS.

Say goodbye to those app backups on your desktop and welcome one of the advantages of the cloud. The new feature allows you to re-download any app you have deleted from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and also get those apps you have purchased that are not available any more on the App Store.

Recovering deleted iPad Apps using iCloud:

Step 1. Launch the App Store app and look for the Updates > Purchased section on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and for the Purchased tab on an iPad. This view shows your purchase history in chronological order, indicating with a cloud icon the apps that are not installed on your device and available to the downloaded without any extra charge.

Once you launch the App Store app, you’ll notice that the Updates tab—which normally lists the apps that have a newer version available — now includes a "Purchased" section. Note that in iPads there’s a new tab called Purchases, no need to go to updates.

purchased iPad Apps

The purchased area is split into "All" apps and those "Not on This iPhone". Tapping on that tiny cloud icon will start downloading and installing them directly on your phone, without the need to sync with iTunes. This works pretty much like buying apps from the App Store itself on your device.

However, if have purchased a lot of apps and have difficulties remembering them all, the App Store page of the app won’t indicate whether you own the app or not. It’s easier to go to the new Purchased tab, use the search function and download directly from there.

If you had pictures and videos on the Apps you’ve accidentally deleted from your iPad or iPhone, just restoring the app can not get your App data back. To retrieve deleted App photos, App video, App documents, you can use a third-party iOS data recovery tool.

Step 1. Recover from iTunes Backup File and scan

When you have the iPhone/iPad recovery launched on your computer, choose Recover from iTunes Backup File. Then choose the iPad backup file file you’ve recently synced with your PC/Mac and click on Start Scan.

undelete iPad app data

Step 2. Recover App photo, App video and App documents

When the scan completes, click the categories like App Photos, App Video, App Documents to find the data you want, then mark the items you want get back and click Recover.

restore app data from iTunes backup

Or you can retrieve deleted App photo/video/documents from iCloud backup file by choosing Recover from iCloud Backup File option from the left column of the software. To get details process, you can visit How to recover deleted App data from iPhone/iPad?

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  1. Hi

    I am locked out of my iPAD 2 because the upgrade to 9.0.1 messed up and the passcode locked me out. IPad Disabled.
    It worked after the upgrade but when i closed it and opened it again it asked for passcode.

    The only way to get the iPAD working again I understand is to rest my IPAD 2 to its factory setting.

    I have no backup on iTunes or ICloud.

    Can I use your software to recover my notes if I do a reset to factory?
    If Yes, have you got a recovery app to run on the iPAD?


    Peter Hill

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