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Retrieve lost SMS from iPhone

Is it possible to retrieve lost or deleted SMS on iPhone 4?

I’ve deleted some important texts by accident. I desperately need these. I have not sync my phone with iTunes as I have a new laptop (the old one had a hard drive problem) and I do not know how to get it the phone to sync with my laptop without deleting all my songs on my phone. Is there a way to recover deleted texts on an iPhone4? These texts are VERY important!

iPhone SMS recovery

Ever deleted the wrong text messages off your iPhone? And maybe you’re frustrate about the same thing with the asker above. Anything we can do to regain the important SMS messages from your old friend?

As a iPhone holder, what do you think is important on your Apple smartphone? It appears SMS is still the most popular application. A survey found that 92 percent of smartphone users surveyed SMS messages sent and received. So there’re still many people asking how to get back the text messages that they accidently deleted. Then we’ll discuss the way to retrieve the lost SMS from your iPhone:

To retrieve lost SMS from iPhone, we need to prepare:

  1. You iPhone 5S/5, iPhone 4S/4 or iPhone 3G device
  2. USB Cable that connects your iPhone with PC
  3. Have iPhone SMS Recovery software downloaded and launched on your computer.

Data Recovery for iPhone 5S/5/4S/4/3GS

Dr.Fone iOS Banner

As a non-destructive iOS data recovery software, Dr.Fone for iOS is designed to help you personal users to retrieve lost data from iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPad, iPod Touch, such iOS devices.

No backup with your iTunes? Having a new laptop and worrying about the sync will erase the files on your iPhone? Don’t worry! I’ll tell you that this iPhone SMS Recovery software could help you to directly scan you iPhone and recover the lost text messages.

Download the free trial version of Dr.Fone for iOS, install and run it on your computer. You can choose either Windows edition or Mac edition according to your situation.

How to retrieve the lost SMS messages from iPhone 4S?

Part 1. Directly scan your iPhone to recover lost SMS Messages

Step 1. Connect iPhone with the computer

Connect your iPhone 4 to the computer with a digital cable and launch the program after installing. Then the following interface will come up to let you choose the data recovery MODE. Here we leave the iPhone SMS recovery program in default mode "Recover from iOS Device".

iPhone SMS Recovery

Step 2. Scan your iPhone for lost SMS Messages

For iPhone 4/3GS, SMS Recovery

You need to download a plugin for your iPhone and set iPhone device Scanning Mode as following:

Hold your device, then click Start button.
Hold Power and Home buttons at the same time for exact 10 seconds.
Release Power button. Keep holding Home button.

iPhone4 Scanning mode

After enter your iPhone 4 into Scanning mode, click to start scanning for the lost SMS messages, and even Messages Attachments can be recovered.

For retrieving lost SMS from iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S/5C

After connected your iPhone with computer, click Start Scan to scan your deleted SMS and other types of lost data.

scan iPhone 5S/5/4S for SMS

Step 3. Preview and recover text messages for your iPhone

After scanning process, all found files will be listed in categories. Choose "Messages" to check the found SMS messages. Select those you want to get back and hit on "Recover" button.

recover SMS found

Part 2: Recover iPhone SMS by extracting iTunes Backup Files

This recover mode can help you fond the data you have synced with your iTunes ever before. We know that when we sync our iPhone with iTunes, iTunes will make a backup. But iTunes backup file is not readable. So you can’t preview and restore it to your iPhone. But now this iPhone Recovery software enables you easily extract the backup file and restore your lost SMS messages to your iPhone!

Step 1. Scan your iTunes backup

After launching the iPhone SMS Recovery software, select "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode. Then you’ll get all your iTunes backup files displaying on the interface. Choose the one for your iPhone and hit on "Start Scan" button.

recover from iTunes backup

Step 2. Preview and recover iPhone lost SMS

When the program complete scanning process, all found data in the backup file will be extracted and displayed in categories. Select "Messages" to preview the detailed content.

To get any of the text messages back, you just need tap "Recover" to retrieve the txt you accidentally deleted.

restore SMS from iTunes backup

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