Recovers Deleted Files from Windows Hard Drive, Recycle bin, Digital Camera Card, or MP3 Player

  • Undelete files on your Windows computer;
  • Recovery data from damaged or formatted disks;
  • Recover lost or deleted emails;
  • Recover deleted iPod music;
  • Restore unsaved Word documents;
  • Restores files from external ZIP drives, Firewire and USB Hard drives;
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What can Recuva File Recovery Do?

  • Undelete files on your Windows computer;
  • Recovery from damaged or formatted disks;
  • Recover deleted emails;
  • Recover deleted iPod music;
  • Restore unsaved Word documents;
  • Restores files from external ZIP drives , Firewire and USB Hard drives;
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Rcover Files on Your Computer

Accidentally deleted files on your computer? Recuva brings back lost files on your computer, USB drive, camera or iPod.

  • Recover photographs, documents, music files, even emails that you accidentally deleted off your computer, safely, quickly and easily.
  • Scanning your drives for the files you need, then recovering them in a flash.
  • Recuva works on any rewritable media such as digital camera’s memory card, any external hard drive, USB.
  • For prosumer and pro photographers, Recuva supports the Nikon RAW and Canon RAW (.CRW) formats.
  • Support recovering files directly from the iPod’s drive. Even though you can’t access files on your iPod directly, Recuva can. You don’t have to worry about losing music from iTunes or your iPod any more.

Recovery Data from damaged or formatted disks

Windows users a hidden index on hard drives, USB drives and memory cards. Instead of having to search through the entire drive for a file you request, all it has to do is look it up in the index — that’s much faster. If the index is damaged, Windows can not find your files anymore, even if the files themselves haven’t been corrupted. Recuva can still find your files on it.

  • The dreaded hard drive crash. The file you forgot to backup before you reformatted a drive. The camera memory card with your holiday snaps that no longer works. That’s Recuva comes in.
  • Recuva can scan all parts of a drive, looking for the bits that make up your files. If a drive’s index has been damaged, chances are other parts of the drive may have been damaged too. Recuva will show you a list of files it has found on the drive, and give you an estimate of the likelihood of success of recovering them.
  • Similarly, when you format a drive (especially if you use the Quick Format option), Windows erases the hidden index but does not overwrite the existing files until you start saving new data to it. Recuva can still scan the drive’s contents to find your files.
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Portable version

Recuva comes in a portable version with no installer required just for the following occasions:

Since portable Recuva lives entirely on the USB drive, it will leave no traces of use on your PC. With no installation required and no hard drive space, Recuva is your ideal portable Swiss Army Knife to recover files — anywhere, anytime.

  • No Internet connection available;
  • Going over to Great-Aunt Sally to help her recover digital photos of her dear cat?
  • Recover files from a work PC that doesn’t allow you to install software

Full Windows OS support and many languages

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server
  • English, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bosanski, Bulgarian, Catala, Cesky, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dansk, Deutsch, Eesti keel, Espanol, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hrvatski, Italiano, Japanese, Lietuviu, Magyar, Nederlands, Norwegian, Polski, Portugues Brasiliero, Romana, Russian, Serbian Cyrillic, Slovensky, Suomi, Svenska, Turkce, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
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