A smart iTunes Music Library Cleaner and Organizer Mac

  • Automatically fix missing or inaccrate music info within your iTunes library.
  • Complete song names and artist information for your messy iTunes collection.
  • Tidy your iTunes library with the original album artwork.
  • Enjoy the updated and stunning music with unlimited devices.

Take full control of your iOS and Android device

CleanUp iTunes Library

Being bored by the messy iTunes Library? After years of use, your iTunes music library is being flooded with duplicate songs, missed album artwork, songs with incomplete music tags, etc.

Fix ID3 Tags

It’s essentials to fix and edit ID3 tags for your MP3, M4A files in iTunes library and local folder. A smart ID3 fixer can fix songs info like song, artist, album, year, and genre automatically.

Add lyrics to iTunes

Want lyrics to all your iTunes songs? In this article you’ll learn how to batch download and add lyrics to songs in iTunes music library on Windows and Mac.

Music Management Solutions

With iTunes Music Library Manager for Windows and Mac OS X, you can easily clean up iTunes library and music in your local folders. With just a few clicks, you can full fill the missing song, artist, genre, and album art in your music library. As well as remove duplicate songs in to free up hard drive space, find and download song lyrics. Get a clean and well organized iTunes right now!

clean up icon

Clean Up iTunes Library

Clean up your iTunes library on Mac OS X to make it a neat and faster one.

ID3 fixer icon

Fix ID3 Tags

Fix and edit ID3 tags like album arts, track details for MP3, M4A music files?

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Automatically add Lyrics to iTunes

Easy way to scan iTunes library and download lyrics to songs in iTunes.

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Add missing Album Artwork to iTunes

Automatically identify album artwork for the music in iTunes and local library.

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Delete Duplicates in iTunes

Remove duplicate songs in iTunes library and local library, just by one click.

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Download YouTube Music to iTunes

Directly download songs from YouTube to iTunes library.

music cleaner iconTunes Cleaner

Complete solution for cleaning up iTunes library, delete duplicates in iTunes, get album artwork, fix and customize music info, etc.

recorder iconMusic Recorder

A powerful music recording software that helps you to record free music from online/streaming music, computer audio, and built-in input audi.


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