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iOS Backup & Restore

Comparing to backing up iPhone with iTunes, iCloud, iOS Backup & Restore provides the easiest way to back up data and more and restore data selectively, without overwriting existing data.

Android Repair

Fixing Android system issues won’t need to be a complex task. Now you can repair your Android system issues like bootloop, black screen, OTA update problem, bricked Android, with just a click.

iOS Android Switch

Transfer all type of data like contacts, photos, videos, messages, calendar, etc. from phone to phone, including Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, Sony, HTC, LT, Motorola, and more 8000+ smartphones and tablets.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

What product will allow me to recover deleted, formatted, or lost files from a hard drive?

iPhone Data Recovery

What product can help me to get back my lost contacts, messages, and photos from my iPhone?

Digital Photo Recovery

What product could help me regain my accidental deleted deleted photos which I thought lost forever?

Do you want to…

Being bored by the messy iTunes Library? Optimize your iTunes and local music library with just one click.

Selling or donating your device? Erasing your personal information will protect you from identity thieves.

About Data Retrieval Software

Data Retrieval software supported retrieving all kinds of data, including photos, videos and audio files for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, USB flash drive, memory card, iTunes, etc., due to deleting, formatting and other reasons.

  • Windows hard drive data recovery;
  • Mac data recovery
  • USB Flash Drive data recovery
  • iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad data recovery
  • Android mobile data recovery
  • BlackBerry data recovery
dr.fone application

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You can backup every bit of your data to your computer, and after unlocking or repairing your iPhone, you can safely restore it to an iPhone or iPad. And you can also export thos backup files to a new devoce. So stay tuned!

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