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How to Recover iMovie Project?

Learn how to recover iMovie projects and events, even if you thought they were deleted or lost!

iMovie is a powerful and popular video editing application provided by Mac OS X. Mac users like to use iMovie to browse, edit, play, and share videos that you want. However, when working on an iMovie project, users could step into trouble by the accidental deletion in hurry. What’s more, the iMovie application crash could cause the loss of iMovie events and projects.

HELP!! Deleted iMovie Project by mistake!!

Just made a fatal error and deleted my important iMovie project in error (I wasn’t concentrating & thought I was deleting it from iDVD).

I have dragged it out of the trash & into a folder in Finder but when I right-click & select “open in iMovie”, iMovie opens but the project isn’t there. I have worked for months on this project & can’t face starting again…..urgent help needed – please

Fortunately, your deleted iMovie projects and clips can be achievable

1. If you haven’t emptied the Trash, click on the Trash icon and drag the project from the Finder window to the Desktop. Now, if your projects are normally stored on your internal drive, drag the project to the iMovie Projects folder in your User (Home)>Movies folder. Open iMovie – it should now list your project in the Project Library.

2. Alternatively, if you have the copies of your lost iMovie files or you have ever backed them up with Time Machine, you can easily restore iMovie projects from Time Machine.

For the one who had previously emptied the Trash and do not have a backup, no worry, you have to use a iMovie recovery application to recall your past iMovie projects and events. But don’t wait until it’s too late and you lose your data forever.

iMovie Recovery Application

Recoverit Data Recovery is a highly recommended iMovie recovery solution in the industry. It offers you an easy way to restore iMovie projects and events lost due to almost all circumstances, such as, accidental deletion, formatting or system crash.

iMovie project recovery

Mac Data Recovery

  • Restore lost, deleted, trashed, formatted, or corrupted iMovie projects
  • Support almost all iMovie lost circumstances, such as trash, deletion, iMovie update, etc.
  • Get back iMovie files with original quality, including both videos and audios
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

FIRSTLY, stop using the hard drive that used to stored the deleted or lost iMovie projects to increase the possibility of recovery. If the lost iMovie files are overwritten, they’re gone forever!

Step 1. Select recovery mode to recover iMovie files

To restore deleted iMovie projects from emptied Trash, select “Trash” under the “Select location” tab, or other drive disks your iMovie movie saved. Then simply click “Start” to commence the scan.

iMovie recovery main

Step 2. Choose the drive/volume where your iMovie files lost and scan

Then you need to choose the partition or volume that your iMovie projects lost from, and click Scan button to search it.

scan drive volume

A quick scan will get started as soon as possible. Once the scan process completed, you can preview the found files. If you can not find your lost iMovie project, you can enable “All-Around Recovery” on the left-bottom of the screen, while it takes a longer time to find more files deeply.

all around recovery

Step 3. Restore trashed iMovie files

When the scan completes, you can view your iMovie library folder to check how many of your lost iMovie files can be recovered.

Next, you just need to mark iMovie projects or clips you want to get and click Recover to save them back to your Mac. Here you should note DO NOT save the recovered files back to the original partition to avoid data overwritten.

restore trashed iMovie files

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