iOS Device Connect Failed?

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iOS Device Connect Failed?

  1. The current iOS version of your phone is earlier than iOS 5.0.
  2. iTunes is not installed properly.
  3. Find My iPhone is enabled when the device is connected to the computer.
  4. The device’s screen is locked and the device has not yet been authorized.
  5. “Apple Mobile Device” service is not started.
  6. The device is in DFU or Restore mode.
connect iOS device failed

To rectify this, follow steps below.

Here are the steps to get your iPhone recognized:

  1. Make sure that the device’s iOS is above 5.0 version and reconnect via USB cable.
check iOS version

2. Make sure iTunes is working properly. If not, you can reinstall the software by downloading the installer from this link:

3. On your iPhone, please tap Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone, then turn off the Find My iPhone option.

4. If the phone is in DFU or Recovery mode, hold down the Home button and Power button until the device boots up again, then release the buttons(you will see an Apple logo).

5. Connet your iPhone to dr.fone iOS Toolkit again.

6. Right-click My Computer, go to Manage>Service and Applications>Services to find Apple Mobile Device Service. Right-click it and choose Start to start the service.

start Apple Mobile Device Service