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Leawo Tunes Cleaner

clean up iTunes library

All-in-one iTunes Music Library Cleaner & Organizer

  • Clean up iTunes and external music folders smartly;
  • Get album artwork for iTunes music library and other music files;
  • One-click operation to delete songs duplicates in iTunes and other music libraries;
  • Support manual fixing to customize music info and get accurate repairing;
  • Clean up iTunes music library and apply to iTunes in one click;

1 Click to Clean Up iTunes Library

Tunes Cleaner is a professional iTunes Library Cleaner program to help you easily clean up iTunes library. With one click, you can well clean up and organize your iTunes Library on Windows PC, as well as clean up music folders outside of iTunes. Get iTunes music library well organized to improve music enjoying and iTunes efficiency.

organize iTunes library

Leawo iTunes Cleaner could act as an iTunes duplicate remover, album cover finder, song info finder, and fixer that works on your Windows PC. It could automatically scan iTunes or external music library to detect and display songs with incomplete music tags for fixing, get album artwork, add missed songs tags like artist, album, and artwork, and delete songs duplicates in the iTunes music library. What’s more, it allows you to save unfixed music files for future fixing.

Outstanding in cleaning up iTunes

tidy music library

Powerful online base for music fixing

Based on a powerful online music library platform, Leawo Tunes cleaner could clean up iTunes and repair iTunes massively, fast, and accurately. Massy iTunes music library would be clean and tidy quickly.

Clean up all music library

This iTunes Cleaner software could not only clean up iTunes music library, but also clean up music folders outside of iTunes, like phone music library or MP4 music library.

Fix iTunes music library from break-point

Tunes Cleaner allows you to fix and repair iTunes and external music library. It also supports to save unfixed music files for future fixing, so next time, you can start cleaning up iTunes from break-point last time.

Keep iTunes Library Cleanup and Well Organized

Delete songs duplicates in iTunes

Tunes Cleaner could automatically detect song duplicates in iTunes or external music library and then delete duplicates in iTunes or other music library in simple click.

Download song tags to fix music info

This iTunes cleaner program could intelligently download song tags that are missed in iTunes music files, and add tags to songs, including: artist, album, album artwork, etc.

Edit Music Tages

Besides the ability to download and add music tags for iTunes music library, this iTunes cleanup program also allows people to edit music tags manually for customization.

Well Organize iTunes Library and Keep it Healthy

Scan iTunes music library automatically

Once this iTunes cleaner is launched, it would automatically scan the iTunes music library or music folder specified. The scan would detect and display all incomplete songs on the program interface as fixing references.

Initial scoring system shows library heath

Leawo Tunes Cleaner features creative scoring system to score music library before and after fixing with specified number. The unique scoring system shows the health of music library in an easy way.

Apply fixed music files to iTunes

After fixing and repairing music files, Leawo Tunes Cleaner provides a one-click operation for people to apply fixed music files to iTunes for convenient playback and sharing.

tidy music library
fix iTunes problem

One-Click to apply fixed results to iTunes

The above operating would help you clean up and repair iTunes music files. It actually includes: adding music tags like artwork, artist, album, etc., and deleting duplicates of songs. Thus, if you only want to delete duplicate songs, or something else to save your time, you can click the “Leawo Tunes Cleaner” button on the top-left corner of the menu bar and choose “Preferences” to set which kind of problems to solve with this iTunes cleaner program.

At last, after fixing, you can simply apply the results to your iTunes music library by clicking on the “Apply” button on the top-right corner.

Organize Music Collections Better

Additional user-friendly gives you a tidy and well-organized iTunes Music Library or local music folders.

Fast Clean Up Speed

Professional music info retrieval technology to improve the speed of getting music information. You could take advantage of the software to complete music info quickly.

Selectively Fixing

With its advanced scanning system, this iTunes cleanup program displays all problems of your music library in categories. You can choose to fix specified category at will.

Score 100

The internal unique scoring system can automatically score people’s music library before and after cleaning up. Only 3 steps to fix music files, you could score 100 iTunes library.

System Requirement

Supported OS

Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista


iTunes 10.4 or later


1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above


512MB RAM (1024MB or above recommended)

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