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How to Create Motion Graphics Online?

Recently, when I make an animated video for publishing on YouTube, I found a free Online Animation Maker that enables you to create motion graphics and animated video content with a simple process. With pre-made animated GIF templates, you can customize your own animated GIFs from static graphic elements. I’d like to say, by making you can take advantage of the benefits that animated GIFs increase in social media management.

online GIF maker

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vimeo, or YouTube, you have an opportunity to stumble across somebody’s motion graphics reel. From a specific genre of animation to graphic design, motion graphics could be your best weapon with the goal of presenting information to the viewer through the use of animated text or graphics.
If you’re just starting to explore motion graphics or looking for a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve rounded up 100 great motion graphic examples to show you how diverse, creative, and entertaining the medium can be.

Online Animation Maker

PixTeller Online Animation Maker lets you create your own unique custom animations from static graphic elements to frame to frame video motions. By choosing from thousands of pre-designed animated templates, your work is halfway done. All you have to do is use any of them, replace pictures and other elements, add your own words, render and save. save and render, and you will have an animation in minutes. In just a few minutes, you can create an animation that is ready to be posted and shared on websites, blogs, social media sites, for personal, business, and marketing needs.

Since motion graphics is the new trend, so has Pixteller evolved so it can gains you more likes, shares, comments, and engagement than any image.

The best side is that PixTeller is free! You can create create motion graphics for free without watermark at all. You can access most of the editor features without paying and make animation online with a limit on how many you can make each month. If you reach the limit and need more complex designs, you can upgrade to the Pro and Diamond subscription and have all the limits removed!

PixTeller Online Animation Features

  • Frame by frame timeline to edit the properties of each element.
  • Multiple pages so you can create beautiful slideshow pictures or animations.
  • Ability to change colors, positions of elements, text fonts and filters an more.
  • Pre-design and editable animated GIF templates ready to be use.
  • Download the final rendered result as an MP4 video or animated GIF for sharing and posting.
  • Resizable GIF on download, without having to create a different one just for this.

How to Create Motion Graphics with Online Animation Maker?

After learning this online Animation/GIF Maker, let’s begin our job by making an animation project step by step.

The simplest way is to start from a template. It is super easy to create your own Graphic images, Animated Logos, Slideshows, Flyers, YouTube Thumbnails, Animated GIFs, and more with a practical online editor.

Browse through hundreds of free designer-made graphic templates, by categorized theme or size, then choose the one that fits you and start editing by clicking the USE button.

online animation maker

Here you need to register as a user and login to use the template. Facebook and Twitter authorized login is allowed.

Once you entered the online editor, you can personalize the design so it matches your personality or project. Start by replacing the words and images and make sure that you have the right message you need to send out there.

change words and images

Change the Motion Graphic design colors for any of the elements, like text, background, shapes. Put your brand palette and make the animation personal.

change motion graphic color

Switch to Animate mode by clicking Animate button on the top-right corner. Check the Animation Maker Editor timeline. Here you can customize each element frame, by changing the text/shape/image properties. What’s more, you can adjust the video motion acceleration as well.

change video motion acceleration

If you’re satisfied with your motion graphic, you can Save and Render and the rendering process will begin. Depending on the complexity of your animation, its length, and an internet connection, the rendering process may last a few seconds up to a few minutes.

That’s all! You now have created an extraordinary motion graphic like this:

Bottom Line of Author:

With special features like animated content and attractive views, motion graphics have an obvious advantage in reaching the highest grounds in audiences and engagement.

Now you have the right tool to make your own motion graphics and animation content. Register as a user of PixTeller’s, and use any of the templates to create a quick video for Instagram or YouTube, animated logos, social media ads, as well as graphics for posts and stores.

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