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How to Make a Ringtone for iPhone

How to make a custom ringtone on iPhone: Create iPhone ringtone from MP3?

A customized ringtone for iPhone is the self-expression of the user. As you know, making a ringtone with iTunes can be somewhat complicated – it requires you to create an AAC version, copy files, and change the name of various extensions. Many people might not familiar with circuitous progress.

Is there any easy way to set a ringtone on the iPhone? Well, I’ll give you an alternative way for making ringtones for your iPhone in a simple and quick manner.

If you always use iOS Transfer/Manager to transfer music among your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, iTunes, and computer. Well, you can make ringtones for your iPhone with the built-in Ringtone Maker. This way is definitely easy and direct. Everyone can get it!

If you don’t use this program before, you can also download the free trial version to try it for free. Then you can decide whether to get it or not.

It’s easy to create turn a song they own into a ringtone for iPhone. Here’s how to create your own ringtone for iPhone without iTunes.

Step-by-step guide to make ringtone for your iPhone

STEP 1. Launch the iPhone Maker tool on your computer

Once you’ve downloaded dr.fone – iOS Transfer, install and launch it. Then select “Phone Manager” from the home screen window.

iOS music transfer

STEP 2. Connect your iPhone and open Ringtone Maker

The iOS music manager would detect your iPhone as soon as you connect your device to the computer with the USB cable.

load your iPhone music

Click “Music” menu tab on the top, here you can see a bell icon, click it to open the Ringtone Maker.

load your iPhone music

STEP 3. Load the song you want to set iPhone ringtone

You can load music from your local music or device music. Just select your favorite song or music track and click OK.

The iPhone Ringtone Maker will play the music and recommend you the climax of the main melody to be the ringtone. You can listen and select your favorite part as your own ringtone.

create ringtone from MP3

STEP 4. Transfer the ringtone to your iPhone

Choose “Save to PC” or “Save to Device” as you like. To set the song as your iPhone ringtone, you can directly click “Save to Device”.

STEP 5. Set your ringtone

Open your iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone. Afterward, select your desired ringtone from the top of the resulting list. Keep in mind you can always set the new ringtone as your text, voicemail, or email tone in addition to your notification sound for Facebook posts and tweets. A tone is a tone when it comes to Apple, and as such, you can use it as the default sound for any notification or alert. Now, repeat the process as necessary!

set iPhone ringtone

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