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Sync iCal with Android

How do I sync my calendar on my computer to my iPhone?

Sync iPhone calendar with iMac – no iCloud
I would like to be able to sync my contacts and calendar from my iPhone 7 to my iMac (High Sierra) without using iCloud. Plenty of information on net how to do it with iTunes but none of it seems to work. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and how to do it ? Thanks.

As a Mac user, you may find that syncing an Android phone with OS X is quite a problem. As a matter of fact, sharing iCal files on Android phone or tablet isn’t terribly difficult, thanks to SyncMate – Eltima’s all-in-one Sync tool for Mac.

With SyncMate, you can sync iCal with Android device, along with syncing other data like contacts, calendars, folders, images, music, videos and more between Mac and Android. In addition, you can read, create, send or delete Android messages on your Mac!

Galaxy S3 sync iTunes

Here we’ll take syncing iCal with Android as a focus. With the “iCal” plugin in SyncMate, you can synchronize events of iCal, MS Entourage, or MS Outlook 2011 on your Mac with your Google Calendar, Android Calendar, or Calendar at your Windows Mobile device, Nokia S40, iOS device, or other Macs.

iCal sync with Android

Moreover, you can sync iCal, MS Entourage or MS Outlook 2011 events on your Mac either with built-in Windows Vista Calendar or with MS Office Outlook Calendar, the latter being the default direction.

If there is an Online Backup connection available in the list, you can back up your iCal, MS Entourage, or MS Outlook 2011 events.

SyncMate is compatible with Android 4.x-9.x devices and iOS 5.x-11.x devices require Mac OS X 10.8.5 and newer.

How to Sync iCal calendar with Android Phone or Tablet?

Step 1. Download SyncMate Free edition

Firstly, download and install SyncMate Free edition on your Mac. You will also need to install the Client app on your Android device (you can download APK file on Mac and install it on your Android device.

SyncMate App download

Step 2. Establish connection between SyncMate on Mac and Android device

After launching this Mac sync tool, you connect your Android and Mac with your preferable way of the three methods:

  • via USB cable
  • via Wi-Fi
  • via Bluetooth
SyncMate connect Android device

Depending on type of connection you have chosen, follow the simple procedure to establish connection between Mac and Android phone or tablet.

1. Click “Add new” button in the upper left corner of SyncMate main interface. Then select Android device from the list of supported ones; connect it to your Mac.

connect Android and Mac

2. Set connection type (USB in this case):

  • Enable USB debugging mode on your Android device.
  • Plug your Android device with “USB debugging” mode into USB port of your Mac.
connect Android and Mac

connect android with USB

SyncMate module for Android will be installed automatically on your device if you connect it to Mac via USB cable. However, you can install it from Google Play as well.

Here you should make sure SyncMate module is launched and turned on.

turn on SyncMate module

Then Your Android device will appear in SyncMate “Devices list” area. Now you can start synchronization.

Note: Here you should make sure that SyncMate module on your device is launched. Click “Continue” button.

Step 3. Set synchronization parameters

SyncMate allows you to synchronize various events in your Calendar on Mac with Android and other supported devices and cloud account.

Now press “+” button in the top panel and choose “Calendar” from the plugins list, and then set sync parameters as below:

Direction – Synchronization can be done in three directions:

Mac Android sync direction

Calendar selection – Calendar plugin lets you synchronize: all available calendars or specify specify just the required ones.

select calendar to sync with Android

Synchronization timeline – Select which past and future events to sync.

set timeline

Step 4. Synchronization iCal with Android

Finally, click “Sync” button to start syncing iCalender on your Mac with your Android phone or tablet.

sync Mac iCal with Android

Note: When SyncMate is uninstalled from Android device, all SyncMate related data is also deleted. Thus, all Address Book contacts and iCal events that you have synced from Mac to SyncMate account on Android device ( disappear automatically. This is not SyncMate fault however. That is the standard way applications, installed by the user, are removed from Android devices. Before uninstalling SyncMate, make sure you’ve synced to Mac or otherwise backed up the data associated with SyncMate.

Devices, running Android OS v.2.1, delete iCal events from SyncMate account ( after the device reboot. We recommend backing up events on Mac to avoid data loss.

syncMate logo

SyncMate Expert

  • Basic sync functions between Mac and multiple devices or online account.
  • SyncMate Expert enables sync when another side is available in a definite period of time.
  • Sync Safari bookmarks, reminders, SMS, call history between Mac and devices, or account.
  • Support synchronize photos gallery, videos in Photos, music, iTunes media, and more.
  • Convert media files to popular formats.
  • SyncMate Expert edition provides AutoSync, mount your device as an additional disk, backup, and more features.

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