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iPod Recovery for Mac

Recover data from iPod Classic, Nano, Mini or Shuffle on Mac OS X

Is there any way to retrieve my deleted songs from iPod on Apple Mac?
A friend of mine tried to load some of my music on his laptop, but mistakenly synchronized my iPod with his own computer. Could I get back my songs even if I haven’t recent sync with my iTunes?

We love enjoying music via our iPod. But sometimes accident happens when we heedlessly synced our iPod with a different computer then we lost our songs and other files. Or we may press wrong button and delete photos, music files or videos off our iPod player such as iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Mini or iPod Shuffle. Then our precise data lost.

recover lost iPod data

You’ll be pleased to hear the YES answer. The good news is that you will be able to retrieve your lost music & video, photos, podcasts & other data from your iPod Classic, Nano, Mini or Shuffle. The reason being is that iPods’ storage hard drive is very similar to a computer’s hard disk. When the files are deleted, the space is marked “Free” for re-use. So it is highly possible to recover your data from iPod before you rewrite it with new data.

Disk Drill is what you need Mac OS X iPod Recovery application, which extremely easy to recover data that has been recently deleted from your iPod by accident or by necessity. Just enable disk access to your iPod in iTunes to start immediate iPod data recovery with Disk Drill.

How to recover deleted & lost music, videos, photos and podcasts from iPod on Mac OS X or Macintosh?

Step 1. Get iPod Recovery for Mac – Disk Drill

Here we need to get the latest version of Disk Drill from the official CleverFile website and install it on your Mac OS X computer.

After launching the software, you’ll get the neat and user-interactive interface.

There are “Protect” and “Recover” two tabs you can choose from. For iPod Recovery on Mac, you need just select “Recovery”.

Mac iPod Data Recovery

Step 2. Connect your iPod and select recover from iPod

Then you’ll be presented with a list of all discernible storage media. Your iPod should be automatically recognized. Select your iPod and check the available recovery options at the bottom of the screen.

recover data from iPod

Step 3. Quick Scan your iPod for lost Data

“Quick Scan” is the best way for iPod file recovery. And the scanning shouldn’t take long and a bar will show you process.

scan iPod

Step 4. Recover lost files from iPod

After scanning your iPod, the Disk Drill Mac iPod Recovery will show you a list of files that could still be recovered. You can preview the data by its data structure.

  • Recover iPod Preference Files, just look in “iPod_Control > iTunes > iTunes Library.itlp”;
  • To Recover Deleted Songs, you should locate in “iPod_Control > Music”, here you could recover the entire Music folder, or pick out individual song. Note that your music artwork is stored in another folder, at iPod_Control > Artwork.
  • Video Files are stored separately, check in iPod_Control > DCIM and various sub-directories. Preview of video files may need a plugin for the correct codec. So you can guess the codes your iPod was using and download the needed plugin to preview the videos you are going to recover.
iPod video recovery Mac

NOTE: Remember that the chances of a full recovery decrease over time and with active use of your iPod, so don’t wait too long if you need to recover data from your iPod on Mac OS X.

Step 5. Preview and iPod Recovery

Once you select the files or folders on your iPod that you wish to restore, click the Recover button at the bottom right of your screen. Before of that you could define the target folder for saving the retrievable files or just use the default.

iPod file retrieval

NOTE: Disk Drill doesn’t support recovering files from iPod Touch. So if you accidentally deleted files from your iPod Touch, please turn to this iPod Touch Recovery.

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