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Photo Disappeared Canon PowerShot?

Canon PowerShot G7

Have your precious videos and photos disappeared on Canon PowerShot? Chances are that photos and videos could disappeared on your Canon PowerShot camera. The accidents could happen when you’re trying to copy pictures from Canon camera to the computer. Likewise, "Memory Card Error" could appear when your digital camera was flashing a low battery symbol. Whatever the reason is, accidents could happen without a notice, then, BANG!!! All or part of our precious photos disappeared from digital camera and what should we do? Is there any way to recover lost photos and videos from Canon digital camera?

Canon camera pictures disappeared

I used my Canon Powershot S100 to take lots of pictures today and pictures were saved on Kingston 32gb memory card. All pictures were there last time I was viewing it with my camera. I came back home and tried to copy pictures to my mac, most of the pictures are there but last 200 pictures that I took are gone (It didn’t show up on finder.) So I put the memory card back into the camera, now even camera doesn’t show the last 200 pictures. But I can still tell that the pictures that disappeared are taking up spaces because of how much memory is left on the card. I don’t know what to do now. I am so sad because they were pictures of my family. Any suggestion about what should I do? Thanks in advance!

If you bump into the same situation, don’t worry! The answer is definitely YES! While camera memory card works likewise to the way computer hard drives do. Just like data on computers can be restored, so can data on memory cards. As a matter of fact, the disappeared photos are not really gone. They still consist in your memory card if the space are not overwritten by new photos. Here’s what you should do if you have your Canon camera pictures disappeared.

First, Stop using your Canon camera

First of all, stop using your Canon camera, and don’t do anything to the memory card like deleting or formatting or taking new pictures. You should put the memory card is secure place to make sure the card is protected.

Canon Photo Recovery

Then, you should download a recovery software to check your deleted or lost pictures. Like Hard Drive Data Recovery, a safe and reliable data recovery software which could recover your deleted or lost photos, videos, music, emails, documents, etc. from your PC’s hard drive as well as from memory cards, flash drives, camera and camcorders, quickly and easily.

To recover your disappeared pictures from Canon camera, you can firstly download this effective data recovery from the above download link and follow the steps below. Next, we will show you how to recover recover lost photos, images, sound and video from digital Canon camera.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Canon Camera?

SETP 1. Connect your Canon camera or its memory card to computer

Take out the memory card from your Canon camera and plug it into the card reader to connect it to your computer. Or you can directly connect the digital camera as a mass storage device.

connect Canon camera to laptop

STEP 2. Launch Data Recover and select file types to recover

Double click the archive you’ve downloaded right now, install and launch it on your computer.

The Canon photo recovery software would give you the option to select file types to recover. Select “Photos” from the list which includes options such as photos/graphic, MP3, audio, video, office documents, email, and other useful data. Then click “Next” button to go on.

Canon digital photo recovery

STEP 3. Select the location to start finding photo disappeared from digital camera

Once you’ve selected the file types and come to the next stop, the data recovery program will ask for the location where you lost your files, here you just choose the external removable device option to select the digital camera memory card.

Canon digital photo recovery

STEP 4. Perform Canon photo recovery and get photos back

Click “Start” to begin a quick scan progress. After that, you can preview the recoverable photos, pictures from the scanning result window. What’s more, you can filter your desired images by enter name or path.

scan for disappeared photos

If you can not find your disappered photos from Canon Powershot, you can activate the Deep Scan to launch a thorough search of your memory card.

STEP 5. At last, preview and recover your lost pictures from digital camera

Once the deep scan completes, you can preview all the found files from Deep Scan result section on the left before recovering it. You can selectively restore specific photos or get all pictures back. After that, click Recover button and define the path to save those photos. It takes seconds to complete recovery.

canon photo recovery

That’s all! It is easy to recover deleted or lost photos from your Canon memory card, isn’t it? Moreover, you can insert the SD card into computer and transfer photos from Canon camera to computer for backup. As easy backup can protect your pictures from memory card corruption and accidental deletion.