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Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes Library and Local Library

remove duplicate songs iTunes

Is there a way to automatically DELETE all Duplicates?

I’m new to Windows 7, and between my new iPhone and my old iPod, somehow I’ve duplicated my entire Library of music, videos and audiobooks. Is there any way to automatically DELETE all duplicate files? If not, is there any easy solution other than manually deleting every individual file?

how to remove duplicate songs in iTunes

Have you built a music library in iTunes with duplicates of songs? That happens especially when you transfer your iTunes from Mac to Mac or PC to PC, so your library grows and takes too much space. But it is hard to find the duplicates in a library of thousands of songs — especially when you have the same song with two different formats — MP3 and AAC, or a song with multiple version (say one from the CD, and another from live concert). It’s a time consuming job to find, compare and delete duplicate songs in iTunes library and local library on your computer.

It’s lucky that iTunes 11 has a built-in feature for identifying and showing duplicates. It’s easy to use iTunes to find and remove duplicate songs in your iTunes library, follow the steps below.

  1. In iTunes 11, under View menu, choose Show Duplicate Items. Then all duplicate songs with the same name and artist will show up on the result window.
  2. remove duplicates with iTunes 11

  3. Select the ones you would like to remove and drag them to the trash.
  4. If you have multiple versions of the same song (say version from different albums, or version from live or studio), you can show only exact song duplicates in iTunes. Hold the Alt or Option key (for Mac OS X) or the Shift key (for Windows) and choose View > Show Exact Duplicate Items. This will show you only duplicate songs having the same name, artist, and album.
  5. show exact duplicates

  6. Duplicate songs will be displayed on iTunes. You can compare the music info of the duplicates and remove the ones you don’t want.

Other Way: How to remove duplicates in iTunes and local music folder?

Here a third-party software – TidyMyMusic is a good choice for removing duplicate songs in both iTunes and your local music library. And the deletion can be complete automatically by one click. Read on and get the how-to steps:

Before of the process, you need to download the free trial version of the program.

Step 1. Add music to the program

For iTunes Music: The program will automatically scan your iTunes library and collect all the songs to Tidy iTunes tab all by itself.

import iTunes songs

For Local Music: Switch to the Tidy Music tab and click Open File button to import music that stored in your local folder. Or you can directly drag file or folder here.

import local music

Step 2. Identify to find duplicate songs in your iTunes and local folder

Tick off "Search for Duplicated songs" and "Search for Unidentified Songs", then click Scan button to identify songs and find duplicates.

find duplicate songs

Step 3. Delete duplicate songs in iTunes Library and Local library

After the scanning process, click &quotDuplicated Songs&quot in the status bar. Choose one of the songs and all files of the same song will show up in the right column. Click Dedupe button to delete the music file with lower quality that was marking with a cross.

delete duplicates iTunes

More than removing duplicated songs in iTunes and local folder, the program can automatically fix mislabeled songs with song name, artist info, and so forth. You’ll love it after the try as it is definitely a quality product.