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Clean Up iTunes Library Mac

clean up iTunes Library

Want to end your mess iTunes library and get neat and well-organized songs, podcasts, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, and more on your iTunes library? Therefore, let’s learn an easy solution to clean up your iTunes library on Mac or PC with a simple click.

Can I Clean Up My iTunes Library for Free?

My iTunes Library annoys me so much! I’d like to clean up all the songs that’re misspelled and everything like that in just one quick shot! Is there a popular internet file that people can download for free to clean iTunes music files?

clean up iTunes library

As much as you’re an organized person, your iTunes library maybe a huge mess: Being full of duplicate songs, flooding with music files tagged with “Track 1”, “Track 2” under “Unknown Artist” … That’s really annoying. Or you may want to add lyrics to your iTunes music library with hundreds of songs, but add them one by one is a very hard work to do. Here we want to help you clean up your iTune library on macOS to make it a neat and faster one. So if your Library’s a mess or missing in action, read on!

How to Clean Up iTunes Library on Mac/PC?

TidyMyMusic for Mac

iTunes Cleanup Software 2019

TidyMyMusic is a professional Music Library Organizer for Mac/Windows users to clean up and organize their iTunes Library and music folders out of iTunes. With it you can fix missing and mislabeled songs with artist name, song name, album art, genre info and more. You can even download and view song lyrics and weed out duplicate tracks.

Would like to clean up your iTunes Library? Download the free trial of TidyMyMusic (Windows and Mac version) and start scanning your iTunes.

Steps to Tidy and Clean Up iTunes Music Library Duplicates, Missing Info?

1. Run iTunes Cleaner and add your iTunes Library

When you run this iTunes Cleaner and open it on your macOS, the program will automatically scan the entire iTunes library instantly and add all the music to the file tray iTunes, showing you conditions of your iTunes library, and how many tracks with missing info.

add iTunes library

2. Add missing album art to iTunes, fix iTunes music tags

Select a song in the list and its information will show in the right column. Click “Identify” button to scan and access the music title, artist, album, genre, year, track info and lyrics. Then click on “Apply” button on the bottom right to add the information to the song.

fix iTunes music tags

3. Delete duplicate songs in iTunes

Click on the duplicate icon to open the iTunes duplicates remover, where you can choose which file info comparing by to scan out the duplicates, including Name, Artist, Album, Time, and File size.

delete duplicate songs in library

When the iTunes clean up tool show you all the duplicate items in your iTunes, check and remove the duplicate songs by clicking “Remove” button.

4. Scan iTunes Library and auto fix and clean up

To clean up the whole iTunes library, you can simply click on “Auto Fix” button on top of music list. This will help you to fix missing music tags, aulbum artworks, edit music tags, clean up duplicate songs, only by this one click.

scan iTunes Library

If you’re using the free trial version, the program will prompt you that the limitation of trial version. If you only want to fix several songs, there’s no need to purchase the full version. If you want to delete duplicate songs, and fix the entire library, you’d better to purchase and get it registered.

iTunes Cleaner trial limitation

If you don’t satisfied with the music info the program retrieved for you, you can manually edit the songs tags by clicking the Pencil icon on the top right of the shown in the following picture and fill-in the editing field or drag any image to the album art area.

Now you can say Goodbye to your duplicate songs and mislabeled songs. It’s wonderful to have such an iTunes Library full of correctly tagged and cover/album art-enhanced media. Whether you view you music library in text form on your computer, use Cover Flow to see artwork as your navigate, or want to transfer songs to another iOS devices, you’ll love the ease of access and great looks of your media.

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