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Cleaning up your Music Library information!

  • Auto-fix iTunes library and local music library;
  • Repair missing and mislabeled music like artist name, album art, genre, lyrics, and more;
  • Quick find missing album artwork;
  • Clean your music library for all devices with updated music tag information;

Platforms:Window 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Go to TidyMyMusic (Mac) for Mac users.

win VersionFree TrialVersion: 1.0.0 win VersionBuy NowPrice: $39.00USD

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Why we choose TidyMyMusic?

Want to say goodbye to your messy iTunes that full of missing or inaccurate music info like "Track01", "Track02", or something like "Unknown Artist"? Need to organize your music collections by fixing all the ones with the missing labels?

TidyMyMusic here is the best iTunes companion software that can clean up your music data using advanced acoustic fingerprint technology. It quickly fixes missing or inaccurate music info within your iTunes song collection including artist name, album art, genre, lyrics, and more.

auto-fix music info

Auto-Fix Music information Within iTunes Library

As the best iTunes companion software, TidyMyMusic can optimize and clean up your music collection. It can automatic fix missing or mislabeled music information in your iTunes including artist name, album art, genre, lyrics, and more, using advanced acoustic fingerprint technology.

Repair Missing and Mislabeled Music Tags

TidyMyMusic for Windows is really simple and intuitive. It do a pretty much neat job in fixing all the ones with the missing labels. With its help, you can get unlimited songs in iTunes and local hard drive got fixed. Your iTunes could be pretty shiny with all the CD covers in place!

  • For iTunes library:
    By choosing "Tidy iTunes" option, TidyMyMusic can perform a quick scan-and-fix missing and inaccurate tracks in your iTunes music library.
  • For your local music library:
    By choosing "Tidy Music" option on the left panel of the program, you can scan and fix the songs that are just on your local hard drive.

fix missing labels

add album artwork

Quick Find Missing Album Artwork

Let TidyMyMusic brighten up your iTunes library with the original album artwork, giving your music collection stunning visual appeal.

Manually Edit Music Information

For the tracks that failed to be recognized by TidyMyMusic, you can edit by yourself. Just select one of the tracks and manually add artist name, album art, genre, lyrics, and more.

edit music info

neat music for devices

Get Music Library Cleaned Up for All Devices

Once all the scanning and editing works finished. All the updated ID3 tags will be saved into the files. Then will have a brand-new-looking music library with complete music info embedded in each track. And you can share your music with all music playing devices retaining its updated music tag info.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS:Window 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64bits)
  • Supported iTunes:iTunes 11 (Earlier version also supported)

Supported Output Format

  • Format MP3 (*.mp3), M4A (*.m4a)

2 thoughts on “TidyMyMusic

  1. I’m trying out TidyMyMusic, but I don’t see any of the Lyrics displaying, nor do I see anything referencing lyrics (like I see in the web site screen captures.) Using the Windows version.



    1. Kind like the limitation of the free trial of TidyMyMusic. The free trial version is limited to idetify ID3 information for only 10 songs. And you can only batch fix 2 songs a time with the free trial.

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