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Backup and Restore Contacts Android

How Can I Restore Contacts on android Devices?

Is there a way to backup the contacts on my Android phone so I can restore it after a factory resetting or changing the phone to a new one. Without using Google Contacts and that kind of stuff? Is there a way as easy as copy and paste? Thanks

Don’t worry. With a Android Backup & Restore tool, you can make a complete backup and restore of all your Android contacts and other data like call logs, SMS, songs, videos, photos and even apps. So no matter you completely wipe your phone, or copy android contacts for changing to a new phone, you can restore your contacts just in an easy way.

Android Backup Restore
Android Contacts Restore

Android Backup and Restore

This Android Contact backup and restore software empowers you the ability to backup important data from your Android device to your computer in one click. Currently, this program is only available for the Windows version. If you’re using a Mac computer, you can turn to Android Backup & Restore to backup music, videos, photos, apps, and apps data.

Ok! Now you need to download this Android backup and restore program from the links below.

How to Backup and Restore Contacts on Android Phone?

STEP 1. Launch this Android Contacts Backup and Restore Tool

Launch and run the Android Contacts Backup tool after installing it on your computer. Then, you need to select “Phone Backup” among all the functions.

primary home

STEP 2. Connect your Android phone

Connect your Android phone with a USB cable. Here you don’t need to take the SD card out of the phone. The program will detect your device and show it in the main interface as below.

connect Android device

STEP 3. Backup contacts on your Android phone

After the Android phone is connected, select “Contact” and other file types you want to backup. You should note all file types have been checked by default. You can uncheck those you don’t want, then click on Backup to start the backup process.

select file types to backup

The backup process will take a few minutes. Please don’t disconnect your Android phone, don’t use the device or delete any data on the phone during the backup process.

backing up process

After the backup is completed, you can click on View the backup button to see what’s in the backup file.

complete backup

In case you have backed up your Android phone by using this program, you can preview and selectively restore your Android phone from the backup.

STEP 4. Restore Contacts Android Smart Phone

Connect your Android device after launching Android backup and restore on your computer.

view backup file

Click on the Restore button. All the Android backup files on this computer will be displayed. Just select the backup file you want to restore and click View to preview the details in the backup.

view backup file

Here you can preview each file in the backup. Check the files you need and click on Restore to them to your Android phone.

restore your Android contacts

Note: During the Restore process, please don’t disconnect your device. Otherwise, the Restore will fail.

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