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Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Android

transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

How do I Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung?

I am one of those people who switched from being a iPhone user to an Android phone. Till this point I can’t put my iPhone away because all my old chats are saved on it. I would like to continue with my old chats on the Android.

So my question is there a way to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android smartphone? Has anyone else dealt with this problem?

WhatsApp is an instant-messaging service to communicate with other cellphone users on any variety of smartphones including Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Nokia devices and even BlackBerry. The service features group messaging, voice messaging, video messaging, Geo-location and the ability to send images. So, the number of active users of WhatsApp is growing day-by-day.

If you’re one of the WhatsApp users who just switched your device, you definitely don’t want to lose the chats history including media files. Then, migrating iPhone WhatsApp chats to Android is what you should do as soon as you get your new phone.

Now, WhatsApp has been upgrading the app to a version that includes automatic iCloud or Google Drive backups. However, for users who’re moving from iPhone to Android, things become a little more complicated as there is no direct way to transfer the data. Don’t too worry about it! In this post we’ll focus on the solution of transferring WhatsApp chats history from iPhone to Android phone directly with simple steps.

WhatsApp messages transfer

iOS WhatsApp Transfer

iOS Bakcup and Restore now supports to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android device easily. In case you have multiple devices or need to upgrade device to an new one, with this WhatsApp Message transfer software, you can selectively transfer your WhatsApp chat history from iPhone/iPad to Android device with simple clicks. Any item you want, including attachments. What’s more, you can also share WhatsApp messages between your iPhone and iPad devices.

Let’s download the demo and try to transfer our WhatsApp data over to Android phone.

After launching iPhone WhatsApp to Android/iPhone Transfer tool on your PC/Mac, click on "More Tools" from the left column, select "Backup & Restore WhatsApp" option from the tool list. Then you will see the window as follows.

iPhone WhatsApp data transfer

STEP 1. Connect your iPhone and Android devices to the computer

To transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS devices to Android devices or another, you can choose “Transfer WhatsApp messages”. Then connect your iPhone and Android device to the computer. Once the program detects them, you will get the window as follows.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android phone will be like this:

WhatsApp chats iPhone to Android

STEP 2. Begin to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android

Now, click "Transfer" to begin moving WhatsApp messages over to your Android. All WhatsApp chats, sent and received photos and videos will be copied to your target device.

Since the transfer here will erase existing WhatsApp messages from the destination device, you need to click "Yes" to confirm this action if you still want to move forward.

migrate WhatsApp message from iPhone to Android

Then the WhatsApp message transfer process really starts.

WhatsApp message transfer

Step 3. Wait until the WhatsApp message transfer is complete

WhatsApp transfer complete

You have all your iPhone WhatsApp chats history on the new Android phone now. You can check anytime you want, as well as backup and export WhatsApp messages to computer for printing and viewing.