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Recover Deleted iPhoto Pictures

Can I recover deleted photos from iPhoto Library?

Last night I was going through my iMac and decided to trash some things that I no longer used. I placed what I thought was trash into my trash bin and deleted them. As I was waiting I saw it was deleting over 4000 items. This shocked me so I opened my applications and found out i deleted ALL my iPhoto pictures. When I open iPhoto now it prompts me to create a new library. I know there has to be a way to retrieve all these lost photos. Please help. I am using the basic iPhoto 2.0.1 version.

For recovery of deleted iPhoto Library, first of all, you should stop using the Mac. The pictures you just deleted are still there but the OS has been told the space they use can be overwritten, so the less you use your Mac the greater chance you retrieve those pictures.

Then download a recovery program Mac Data Recovery and let it recover the deleted iPhoto pictures for you.

iPhoto Recovery

Mac Data Recovery It can perform iPhoto library recovery well, and even iPhoto trash recovery. Download the trial version from below.

How to Recover Deleted iPhoto Pictures?

Step 1. Install iPhoto Recovery and choose recovery Mode

After downloading the free trial of the iPhoto Recovery software, please select a drive under the “Devices” tab or “Desktop” under the “Select location” tab. Click on the “Start” button for recovering deleted iPhoto pictures.

iphoto library recovery

Step 2. Scan iPhoto library for lost photos

Now you just need to select the partition that you set your iPhoto library in and click “Scan” to begin scanning for lost iPhoto pictures.

Note: Here you need to select “Enable Deep Scan” option if the data lost is caused by the partition formatting.

deleted iPhoto photo

Step 3. Recover deleted photos from iPhoto Library

After the scanning process, the found files will all be displayed in the left of the window. Preview the found photos one by one and select those you want to retrieve and click “Recover” to save them back to your Mac.

Note: Please do not keep the recovered photos back to the original partition.

iPhoto pictures restore

iPhoto Trash Recovery Method:

If your photos were accidentally dragged to iPhoto trash and you could not drag them back to Mac desktop, you can go to your iPhoto trash, then select those deleted photos and right-click to select “Restore to iPhoto Library”. Your iPhoto trash photos will be retrieved easily. If this method does not help, or if the photos were deleted from the iPhoto trash and can not be restored, please try this Mac Data Recovery.

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